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Adapted to the MRI environment

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  • MR-Conditional (up to 50 mT) with the use of 1.5 Tesla and 3.0 Tesla static magnetic field scanners
  • The trolley’s auto-lock brake locks the wheels as soon as you release the handle to prevent them from rolling accidentally towards the MRI scanner
  • Hamilton Medical offers a variety of breathing circuits suitable for the MRI suite. The proximal flow sensor allows you to measure flow and pressure close to the patient’s airway, even when using very long breathing circuits

Integrated TeslaSpy with standalone alarms mirrored on the device for more safety

  • Magnetic field navigator
  • Continuously measures the background magnetic levels, even when the ventilator is switched off
  • Alarms are mirrored on the ventilator GUI and alarm lamp

Gas source switch

  • Automatically switches between the gas cylinder and central gas supply
  • Uninterrupted supply allows for continuous ventilation

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