Versatile And Specific To LTAC Needs

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The HAMILTON-C1 is a versatile mechanical ventilator that offers solutions specific to the needs of patients requiring long-term respiratory support.

We are a leading supplier, of Versatile, and specific to LTAC needs in Delhi NCR, Rajasthan, Noida. Gurgaon, Ghaziabad We trader in quality ventilators by type

  • The optional Speak Valve feature enables the use of conventional speaking valves, such as the Passy Muir PMV 007, in pressure-controlled modes (PCV+, SPONT, PSIMV+)
  • It gives tracheostomized patients a voice and allows them to swallow even while receiving respiratory support from the ventilator
  • Monitoring, triggering, and alarm management have been adjusted accordingly

High flow oxygen therapy

  • With the HAMILTON-C1, you can switch between invasive or noninvasive ventilation and high flow oxygen therapy using the same device and breathing circuit
  • A range of dedicated consumables is available, including nasal cannulas, tracheostomy interfaces, and single or double limb breathing circuit sets
  • The HAMILTON-C1 is compatible with active humidification (HAMILTON-H900), which can be controlled directly from the ventilator
  • It offers constant flow rates, which can be adjusted in intervals of 0.5 liters for flows of up to 12 l/min and 1 liter for flows higher than 12 l/min
  • Drugs can be administered using the integrated pneumatic or the optional Aerogen nebulizer

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